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Movie Review - JISM 2

Movie Review - JISM 2 Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda
Randeep Hooda and Sunny Leone
Star Cast: Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh   
Director: Pooja Bhatt
Producer: Dino Morea, Pooja Bhatt
Music Directors: Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon
Story: Mahesh Bhatt
Studio/Banner: Clockwork Films Private Limited, Fish Eye Network
Film Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Movie Review - JISM 2 Sunny Leone, Arunoday Singh
Arunoday Singh and Sunny Leone
Jism 2 is a real hot film, but its different from the promos. Surprisingly, JISM 2 have a overdose of sex and no one knows what is happening in the film with the story, but film tries to be an erotic thriller since the beginning. Story goes like, Arunoday Singh will give Sunny Leoen ten crores to take revenge on Randeep Hooda, her ex lover who become from honest police officer to a political assassin, and Leone agrees on this because Hooda left her one finenight and vanished from his life, "Itni siddat se nafarat bhi bohi kar sakta hai, jisne mahobaat bhi itni sidat se ki ho" comes into the play else everything you know. Story looks like a 1980's film story plot which is executed in 2012. Pooja Bhatt tries to captures best of it but fails.

Movie Review - JISM 2 Red Hot Sunny Leone HD Wallpaper from Jism 2
Sunny Leone
From the start movie is erotic as Sunny Leone comes in power in style. Sunny Leone does what she is good at. Here presence on the screen is delightful. Randeep Hooda shows his intense acting skills in a badly written scene by Makesh Bhatt and Arunoday Singh plays a intelligent IB officer, Arunoday is doing better in comparison to his other films. He is highlighted in "Abhi abhi toh mile ho" song. 

Cinematography has been done with good imagination in exotic locations of Sri Lanka 
Songs are the highlights of the Movie JISM 2. "Maula" song by Ali Azmat's haunting voice suits Randeep Hooda.  Every time camera explores Sunny Leone. Sunny's voices is dubbed by Pooja Bhatt's voice had tried hard to match with frequency of her lips. Jism2 doesn't showcase anything unexpected till the interval.  

Movie Review - JISM 2 Sunny Leone on the beach Hot HD Wallpaper from Jism 2
Sunny Leone
After the interval "Tanha aadmi aksar apne aap se batein karta hai" but the audiences expected something else. The only reason i am still here in the theater is of Randeep Hooda. The quality of Hooda's voice, almost Naseer-like at many times, warm, caressing, with perfect diction. This, despite the ridiculous lines the actors mouth, like "Us jaanwar ko apne dil mein paala tha usne, she knows him best."  

'Ye kasoor' is again good song filled with sex and darkness exploring Sunny and Randeep.

Randeep Hooda is the only saving grace in the acting department as Jism 2 is an illogical film. Its looks like director wants is to en cash Sunny Leone's image. Arunoday Singh done better in comparison to his other films. 

Movie Review - JISM 2 Sunny Leone, Arunoday Singh
Jism 2
Heading towards climax everybody kills everybody without any reason.  Every character is either super intelligent or plain maniac. Jism 2 lacks a good story. Songs are good but one doesn't need to watch just for the songs. Jism 2 is absolute nonsense. After you watch it you need an year to figure out what exactly the makers want. Jism 2 could have been tighter, slicker and hotter.

You can watch movie JISM 2 if you are desperate to watch it for, exotic scenes, Sunny Leone, or wants to enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka in your near theater. 

JISM 2 is male fantasy movie and we are sure all males out there will definitely go for a watch LOL. 

Bollywood Bytes Movie Ratings : 2.5 stars out of 5

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